About us

ACCREDITY LAB has been a leader and provider of Hygiene and Sanitation products throughout many countries worldwide and ventures more to expand worldwide. We are a  company specialized in the manufacture and sales of cleaning products and tools making us present in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, facility management and even households. Focusing not only on the quality, but on the development of human-friendly products in harmony with global environment. We will continue producing the next-generation of sanitation products, which suffice our clients cleaning requirements. Our basic Business Philosophy is to Create, Change, and Contribute.

-To CREATE a one of a kind development in cleaning products, using

enhanced technology in answer to our customers’ requirements.

-To CHANGE and establish a different business culture, by pursuing

innovation, necessary to attain a steady growth.

-To CONTRIBUTE in creating a comfortable, affluent society through the

mission of offering human and nature friendly cleaning products.

 Our mission: To develop the best products’ formulas and products , cause no unneeded harm, use business to inspire and apply solutions to the environmental crisis.

 Our Vision: To be the hygiene solution partner for every business in the world .”

 OUR VALUES: Leadership/Passion/Collaboration/Integrity/Product quality/Excellence services/Exceptional.